Here are a few of my favorite comments from our last Project Runway commenter live blog on Gawker. (This one’s an all-Josh edition, since he elicited so many good comments last week.)

I’ve saved a few more comments from last week for inclusion in tonight’s live blog post. So be sure to check that out when it goes up on Gawker at 8 pm EDT — and then join us for the live blog at 9!

bread_and_potatoes Joshua’s anger is so stored in his eyebrows. I say they shave one off a la Samson and see what happens.

Erzulie Get an exorcist, because Josh is possessed by Joan Crawford. Keep him away from the hangers!

BabyJane The angel on Josh’s shoulder is always cold because he never wears sleeves.

scouts honor What did you say, Eyebrows? I can’t hear you over that shirt.

thekidscallmemom I just cannot stop staring at the shirt. Gaudy, unbuttoned to the waist, with some sort of medallion, for the love of Christ. Is he costuming his grief in Winnemucca, Nevada, circa 1974?

OnTheLevel Josh is like Hitler with a little more sass.

Pyewacket @OnTheLevel Like “The Producers” version!

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