Listed below are a few of my favorite comments from our latest Project Runway live blog on Gawker. (Be sure to join us for the next one tonight! The post goes up at 8 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 9.)

Doreen DelPurgatorio I’m confused — is the challenge to design something beautiful and sophisticated, or something for Piperlime?

Fishnetsand Ciggs Can anyone tell me what kind of drugs Anthony Ryan is taking? Because I’d like to avoid those.

unclevanya Sorry Anya — the only people who give handouts to former pageant queens are at Fox News.

BabyJane I love when Victor dresses himself for the runway in the full Pinocchio.

Princess Banana Hammock Did Barbie just say her taste level was “too refined”? Not very self-aware, that one.

Donna Draper Since it’s a 70s theme, I better take a bong hit to get myself through the horrors of this runway show.

Fry_Bread_Power Release the bellbottoms!!

BobbleTimGunn The loser’s look will be featured on Piperlemon.

ClariceStarling “Fashion is my food” would make a great anorexic mantra.

BrownSugar***s Austin Scarlett has a moustache?!? Now he’s Rhett, too?

Doreen DelPurgatorio @BrownSugar***s: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn … about your vagina.”

BrownSugar***s Michael Kors, you took the scream right out of my mouth.

scouts honor @BrownSugar***s: Queen Tangerine screams for all of us.

02:22 pm: misterhippity