The list below contains a few of my favorite comments from last week’s Project Runway live blog on Gawker. Note that this week, I did not include seven of the funniest ones in the selection below — instead, I featured those in the post I wrote for tonight’s live blog, which will go up on Gawker at 8 p.m. Eastern. So go check them out then — and then hang around for the liveblog itself, which will start at 9 pm. See you there!

Heneage On a scale of 1 to 10, the level of gay in the boys’ hotel room is an 11.

missing_piece Heidi’s outfit looks like something an auf’d contestant made, resulting in their auf’ing.

otterbird Would someone please tell Gretchen the way she applies her blush makes her look like Raggedy Ann?

MeaniePants Imagine that. A dude beating up some chick on a Lifetime movie.

dostoevsky_was_a_gambler Yes Gretchen, you will change the world … one Urban Outfitters knockoff at a time.

otterbird What’s up with “I think I belong at Fashion Week, and I think you do, too?” I think Gretchen has confused Project Runway with Survivor.

Old Ocho I prefer PiperLimeWire, where I can illegally download the accessories.

Lizawithazee “I wasted time, so now my strategy is to spend the rest of the time crying in the ladies’ room. Because I have standards, dammit!”

ismellcatpee Andy, “glue gun” does not equal “couture.”

CaptainSnarky If Lifetime was doing a movie based on a commercial, the woman would wind up being stalked, raped, beaten, kidnapped, and probably murdered by her blind Internet date

MeaniePants @CaptainSnarky: And then her mother would bravely and vainly search for her daughter’s stalker/rapist/killer as a matter of justice.

leftoverhill “For my ready-to-wear look, I gave up and cried in the can.”

tastylikes Guatemalan Audrey Hepburn, my love … cheer up!

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