Here are a few of my favorite comments from our last commenter live blog of Top Chef on Gawker. Join us for the next one tonight! The post goes up on at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 10.)

Lizawithazee Who knew there was a secret huge cooking school underneath the Alamo?

RappingTomato Remember the a la mode!

bread_and_potatoes What the hell is a vegan doing in Texas? If you’re not in Austin, you need two things: meat and guns.

GonzoMaz See ya, vegan chef! Console yourself with a vigorous game of hacky sack!

Lizawithazee Aren’t they going to let any of the Mexicans stay? That is so Texas.

Alys Brangwin loves to dance in the dark Also Top Chef, you missed another cooking pun. They’re on the back burner, not the bubble.

bread_and_potatoes There is in no way enough hair nets for this season’s crop of chefs. I can feel the hair on my tongue from here.

Lizawithazee “On the bubble”? Really, Padma? Is that some kind of new bong thing?

katekate is squared “I want a Top Chef coat like Padma wants a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos at 3am on a Sunday.”

jelodi My comments keep getting sucked into a wormhole and are winding up in the Delta Quadrant, near that lost Ferengi shuttle.

Lizawithazee Just cook, honey. No backstories yet. No dead relatives.

rodmanstreet Hi, I’m rodmanstreet. I’m head mac and cheese chef at Chez Mom’s. 6th grade swim team Most Improved, nominee.

The_Obvious Keith’s beard doubles as a brillo pad.

katekate is squared Rabbit in fish sauce. Ok, Ty-Lör. Clearly your planet has different standards of taste.

ronniedobbs Wow. I totally fingered the wrong dude as the ex con.

katekate is squared @ronniedobbs [insert joke about how many dudes you’ve fingered lately]

Insert Clever Name Bad choice putting the Voltaggio brothers in a commercial with a refrigerator that has both more emotion and a better personality.

Oh-Honey-No Backstory alert! We have a dead relative, a possible lesbian outing and a jailbird. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Capt.Snarky We know why the jailbird made it. Padma’s hoping dude is holding.

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