Here are a few of my favorite comments from the Top Chef live-blog we held on Gawker last week. (Hey, why not ditch the food-prepping and your relatives and join us for the next one tonight? The live-blog post will appear on Gawker at 9 pm Eastern, and the show will start at 10!)

cletör I baked a pie, and now I’m going to eat it while mocking hapless chefs.

robina the first I’m a straight girl and even I’m hoping that Padma’s going to turn around to reveal that those are assless chaps.

The_Obvious @robina the first: You’ve been Inception-ing my dreams.

toutavousm Jesus, did Padma murder a Hawaiian themed hammock and sew it into a dress?

dippitydoo I’ve eaten rattlesnake … it really does taste like chicken. Really. It does.

robina the first Is anybody else getting nostalgic for the days of Stefan driving a nail through the head of an eel and skinning it while Hosea watched in clueless wonder?

DahlELama There is nothing I would not eat if you coat it in a beer batter. I would eat Keith’s beard if you coated it in beer batter.

Formerly-Mymoustache So the Koreans are making kim chee for the Mexican girl’s birthday? I can’t wait to see this …

Feltkitteh Aw. I want a quincenera. Can I have one 22 years late?

The_Obvious Sadly, Padma RSVP’d “no” to my treintapalooza.

robina the first My Hugh Acheson fantasy involves me running up to him with a Sally Hansen wax strip in hand, smacking it between his eyes, pulling it away before he realizes what’s happening, and then making out with him.

Capt.Snarky Ty-Lör of Krypton speaks! But now I’ve forgotten what he said…

BabyJane @Capt.Snarky: Something something tortillas and world domination something.

dutchposer They killed him. They killed Black Santa. You bastards!

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