Here are a few of my favorite comments from the latest (festive, Thanksgiving Eve) edition of our Top Chef commenter live blog. (Hey, why not join us for the next one tonight? The post goes up on Gawker at 9 pm, and the show starts at 10!)

RenoMartini I’m going to get started on the stuffing after a bottle of wine, and attempt to simultaneously chop vegetables and respond to comments. There’s no way this can go poorly.

Formerly-Mymoustache For someone who specializes in Mexican cuisine, Chuy really sucks at Mexican cuisine.

Havisham Bridal Party Dear local car dealer: Even a free iPad 2 couldn’t entice me to buy a Kia.

paul7777 I, too, am concerned about the appetite of 200 cowboys.

Havisham Bridal Party My cousins are cowboys and extremely thin because they don’t eat. But that’s mainly due to the fact their teeth are rotten from their meth addiction.

Insert Clever Name Why do I get the impression that Sarah has, on at least 20 occasions, sent out an e-mail to all of her coworkers explaining that, while she doesn’t want to name names, she does not appreciate people making snide remarks about the clip art she used in the newsletter?

Formerly-Mymoustache Considering the number of mouthbreathing neanderthals I know who make damn good chilli, I think it is a major mistake to overthink it.

annebreal For fucks sake, Chris just had three pairs of glasses on. Does he think Guy Fieri is too subtle with his accessories or something?

The_Obvious What’s Fozzie’s favorite food? Wocka-mole!

Capt.Snarky Netflix: “We’re sorry! We’re really sorry we fucked up so fucking badly! Seriously!”

Erzulie The over-the-top bromance between glasses man and poofy mohawk man is deeply embarrassing.

The_Obvious I bought my niece a Fisher-Price zoo for Christmas, so I’m like Matt Damon Lite.

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