Here are a few of my favorite comments from our last live blog of Project Runway All Stars. The list below doesn’t include five of my favorite comments, because I featured those in the post I wrote for tonight’s live blog, which will go up on Gawker at 8 pm. So check that out, too … and then join the live blog while you’re at it!

BabyJane Why is Rami dressed like an old-timey strongman?

crookedE @BabyJane Ha! Totally. All he needs is a handlebar mustache and one of those giant cartoony weights.

Capt.Snarky What the hell? Create a look based on gelato?

otterbird clearly this challenge was thought up by someone on a diet.
ktdidnt I love gelato… but I don’t understand this challenge at all.

Capt.Snarky @ktdidnt  Here’s what you need to understand: it’s stupid.

BabyJane I’m pretty sure that Austin is wearing my old jean jacket from high school. If there are rolling papers in the pocket we’ll know for sure.

MeaniePants Joanna scares me. She’s like a blonde Severus Snape.

unclevanya It’s called a waist, Kara. Women have them. Why not actually tailor to it for once?

BabyJane Why can’t Miranda sit down?

MissPeacock @BabyJane  Giant stick up her ass?

GoOnWithoutMe @BabyJane She’s a living Barbie Doll.

Amarain824 I had a dream that a whale showed up to my apartment asking to live in my tub. I blame that commercial.

Yatcho That slight pause before every sentence NotHeidi-bot says is the programmer typing in her words backstage.

04:38 pm: misterhippity