Featured below are a few of my favorite comments from last week’s commenter live blog of Project Runway All Stars. (Join us for the next one tonight — the post goes up on Gawker at 8 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 9!)

dippitydoo Why am I never around when these things happen in Union Square?

Lizawithazee @dippitydoo: I know — usually when I get offered $50 to hand over my clothes, it’s way downtown.

Capt.Snarky Ok, Hot White Guy was already half-naked.

Saxon 212 @Capt.Snarky: and placed there by the producers

AMownLawn @Saxon 212: I have no problem with either of these things.

ktdidnt I want to see Austin on a date with that super hot guy. That should be like an online extra episode or something. It would be amazing.

AubreySilver @ktdidnt: “Project Runway: After Dark”?

Lizawithazee Oh, Kara, you really need to pull yourself together, honey.

unclevanya @Lizawithazee: That’s like asking a lion to start eating tofu.

otterbird Oh my God, Mondo! So that’s where my Dad’s spectacles went! We’ve been looking for them since 1978.

just.a.smore That “good morning” from the designers to Joanna was very “we love you Miss Hannigan.”

AMownLawn "Onesie palazzo pants jumper": Four words that should never be uttered consecutively.

gerbilsoutofexile Whoa, sideboob! Underboob! When did models start having boobs?

The Ghost of Amoureuse “The Vow” = “50 First Notebooks.”

ShrutiBorus I missed a proposal once because of soup. Or was it cake? Anyway, I’m single.

bytememehard From Union Square Park to Cameltonia and back!

bread_and_potatoes Austin designed an outfit for Vladimir Putin’s personal flight attendants.

AuntCake “Big stomach”? That model hasn’t eaten since 8th grade.

crookedE Austin is working that gondolier look this week.

just.a.smore Am I super drunk or is Austin’s model unable to walk in heels? (Note: answers may not be mutually exclusive.)

02:57 pm: misterhippity