Disgustingly racist blog’s bogus advice spurs City of Chicago to break kid’s heart by rescinding his “sticker design” award



You may have heard this story of a 15-year-old kid (yada yada … rambling, overly long post follows)

Saw this on Anderson Cooper earlier. The video of the kid crying was absolutely heartbreaking. Fuck Chicago.

I didn’t know Anderson Cooper covered this. I just found and watched the video of his report, and it’s great!

But Anderson doesn’t mention the racist website that started the whole thing. That’s what struck me about all the reports I’ve seen on this … all of the bloggers and journalists covering this story seem to be missing the fact that a post on a “white power” site is what started all this.

And make no mistake: it was that racist “Detective Shaved Longcock" blogger who started it all. He was the first to to compare the kid’s picture with supposed "gang art" — posting side-by-side comparisons of the sticker art with gang graffiti pics and "hand sign" pictures — and to claim the kid’s picture was a secret gang message. He even pulled photos of the poor kid’s Facebook page (since taken down) claiming the kid’s friends were "flashing gang signs" and that the kid himself was wearing a "gang scarf" (which was just a red bandana around the kid’s neck).

Some idiot ex-police superintendent named Jody Weis is credited with “investigating” and “substantiating” these claims for the city, but as far as I can tell, Weiss just used all the same stupid “gang art” and Facebook “evidence” that racist “Longcock” blogger originally dug up.

So everybody’s missing the racist-blogger angle here. Why is the Chicago City Government listening to racist bloggers? (And why is that site reportedly so “popular with Chicago cops”?)

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    This is really harsh, and so fucking stupid. Poor kid.
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    No words. Just… no words. Fuck, and this site is “popular with Chicago law enforcement”? If there’s anything...
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    I don’t doubt the claim that a white supremacist blog is “popular with Chicago law enforcement” but that changes...
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    And suddenly I am not so proud to live here
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