Here are a few commenting highlights from our last Project Runway live blog on Gawker. (I’m hosting another one tonight, which gets started at 9 — join us!)

crookedE Not-Heidi is so devoid of personality, they could have just replaced her with a roomba.

Doreen DelPurgatorio @crookedE: At least the runway wouldn’t be dusty.

bread_and_potatoes I love how some of the designers have defined the lives of these imagined women in oddly specific ways. Perhaps Kenley’s look will be for “the cat thrower on the go.”

unclevanya Mark your watches: This week, Michael put on his victim pants at 21 minutes into the hour.

Doreen DelPurgatorio Kenley and Mondo are in a polka-dot duel to the death!

dippitydoo I think you’d find Kenley’s look as an outfit choice at Build-a-Bear.

otterbird I’m not interested in a rerelease of Lady and the Tramp unless it’s a 3D one.

Havisham Bridal Party @otterbird: You haven’t seen two dogs eat pasta until you’ve seen it in 3D!

Capt.Snarky Mondo has no muscle tone.

Doreen DelPurgatorio @Capt.Snarky: Like Samson, his strength is in his hair.

bread_and_potatoes Kinley’s outfit looks like something a three year old with blond pigtails in a 1965 sunblock commercial would wear.

ismellcatpee If Kenley wins, I’m making a Ben and Jerry’s emotional-eating run.

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