Here are a few of my favorite comments from or last live blog of Project Runway All Stars. (I’m hosting another one on Gawker tonight, so join us! The show starts at 9 pm Eastern.)

crookedE I find Kenley’s head scarf offensive.

BabyJane @crookedE: Take the phrase “head scarf” out of that comment and I’m fully on board.

AMownLawn "Baroque rococo brocade" — what awesome consonance. /sorryiwasanenglishmajor

Havisham Bridal Party I picked up a copy of Marie Claire to read while getting my nails done yesterday, and all I could think of when I saw Joanna Coles in it was, “I wish you were Tim Gunn — even in your own magazine.”

unclevanya Asking Kara why she’s crying is like asking Rami why he’s draping.

4nbody Mila, there’s a sense of humor, and then there’s a joke.

snacktastic Kenley is like an adorable girl who I wished had a different personality. I think she needs a therapist for a personality makeover. I could fix her. She’d be like The Six Million Dollar Man. Also, I’m drunk.

Doreen DelPurgatorio Mila’s jacket looks like it’s made out of Wookie fur.

BabyJane Why is Not-Heidi developing an accent?

bread_and_potatoes @BabyJane: Perhaps that’s where she thinks Heidi’s talent comes from? Like a Project Runway version of Samson’s hair.

ramdass If Sutton Foster thinks ‘rich woman’ and ‘streetwalker’ looks are mutually exclusive, she’s never seen any of those Real Housewives shows.

bread_and_potatoes A hug from Kenley would increase my tears, not slow them.

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