Featured below are few of my favorite comments from the Top Chef commenter live blog I hosted on Gawker last week. (Join us for the next one tonight — it’s the season finale! The show starts at 10 Eastern, and the live blog post will appear on Gawker at 9.)

Hotpants McGee I’m so excited for tonight! I’ve been picturing the cheftestants retrieving their ingredients off of railroad tracks with a train bearing down on them, while riding on unicycles.

unclevanya "Previously, on Ice Road Cookers…"  

Lizawithazee Lindsay’s got Tums attached to her ears. That could come in handy.

snacktastic If Paul loses this quickfire, I’ll eat my hat.

BabyJane @snacktastic: I hear hat is delicious when paired with geoduck.

Formerly-Mymoustache I’m about to go Tiger Father on Paul’s ass. Toughen up dammit!

just.a.smore Nothing sounds appetizing like the word “floater”

Capt.Snarky A garnish has to serve a purpose, Tom? Oh shut up. You’re as useful as John King is during a GOP debate.

cletör @Capt.Snarky: Its purpose is to be a garnish. Hence the name, “garnish.”

Formerly-Mymoustache Yeah, like there’s a cocktail that Emeril doesn’t like.

ghiagirl Egg whites in cocktails makes me feel salmonella-y.

AMownLawn Lindsay: “I have so many more hideous pairs of earrings to display, so it would be a shame for me to go home now.”

cletör Here, Bitchy Lou Who … have this consolation glass of tepid tomato water. Now get out.

04:09 pm: misterhippity