Featured below are a few of my favorite comments from our last live blog of Project Runway All Stars.

I’m hosting another one tonight — join us! (Post goes up on Gawker at 8; show starts at 9.)

BabyJane Not-Heidi has all the charisma of the patch of grass that she’s standing on.

imrickjamesbitch Mila: “I’m not here to make friends; I’m here to make everything color-blocked.”

dippitydoo Could there be anyone worse to recite “she sells sea shells” than Kenley?

bytememehard @dippitydoo: Selling sea shells by the seashore always sounded like a bad business plan to me anyhow.

crookedE I fear that this runway is going to be the Disneyland “Small World” ride, with more collarbones and possibly ass cleavage.

kentuckienne Dreadlocks, with a dress based on a Jamaican flag? Why doesn’t he just have his model walk down the runway with a joint?

just.a.smore Mila accusing Kenley of doing the same thing every week is like the pot calling the kettle color-blocked.

imrickjamesbitch They all do the same look every week, and then criticize the others for doing the same look every week.

bread_and_potatoes You know how I know America’s fat? They use a song that’s meant for let’s-get-it-on time in a chip commercial.

crookedE Jerell’s model looks like a showgirl in a Bollywood-themed Vegas act.

chatcat2000 “Waitress, get me a drink. Here’s a chip for your trouble.”

Lizawithazee I’ve never seen anyone in real life wear a jumpsuit who wasn’t in a garage, or in Devo.

BabyJane I’m changing Austin’s name to “Austentatious.”

AubreySilver Were they supposed to make something based on the flags they selected, or something vaguely racist about the culture they ended up with?

crookedE The back of Michael C’s dress is lower than the Greek GDP.

kentuckienne Michael’s model looks like a box of baklava from an Athens airport gift shop.

Myrna Minkoff Jerell was always very hit or miss: One week Oscar-red-carpet worthy gowns, the next week rejects from the clearance rack at weird store outside of town where the pole dancers buy their outfits.

Lizawithazee Mondo’s dress is beautiful, but it has as much to do with Jamaica as my grandma’s afghans have to do with Afghanistan.

BabyJane It’s probably time for Mila to leave earth and return to her Romulan people anyway.

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