Here are a dozen of my favorite comments from our last live blog of Project Runway All Stars (an episode that featured outfits with little lights and glowing stuff on them). This selection doesn’t include six of my favorite quips from last week, because I chose to feature them in my Gawker post for tonight’s live-blog, which will appear on Gawker at 8 pm tonight. So be sure to watch for that, and then join us for the live blog at 9!

Capt.Snarky Look, sewtestants. The only guy who could rock a tank top was Rami. The rest of you bitches need to stop it.

unclevanya I swear, I would have given half the runway the auf last week. What a pile of stinkola shmattes

bread_and_potatoes Michael’s looks like a ninja’s outfit for riding a bike at night

BabyJane He made “Ninja Brite, Rainbow Brite’s enigmatic cousin.”   

snacktastic Jarrell will either be like Diane Von Furstenburg or your worst Vera Bradley nightmare.

BabyJane Michael says he’s going to do something completely different. I guess that means he’s not going to whine and feel sorry for himself this episode?

bread_and_potatoes Sad Sack Michael. Everything he says comes out in an Eeyore voice. “Oh no. Nothing is what I want. Life is hard. My tail fell off and no one will nail it back on. Plus, the bow got dirty.”

BabyJane I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these outfits are not great for daytime.

Doreen DelPurgatorio Not-Heidi’s jewelry weighs more than she does.

AubreySilver I just realized why Swatch the dog is missing this season! They owners are afraid Kenley is going to get pissed if she ever goes over budget. He is cat-sized, after all.

unclevanya Jerell’s looks like the casts of The Lion King and Taboo were in a car crash. And lived to sing about it.

gerbilsoutofexile Anyone who is that orgasmic over potato chips obviously needs to get Layd more often.

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