Here are a few of my favorite comments from the last live blog I hosted of Project Runway All Stars. (Join us for thenext one tonight! The show starts at 9 pm, and the post goes up on Gawker at 8!)

BobbleTimGunn Not only can Kenley sketch, but she draws the ire of everyone too.

Capt.Snarky Here’s what I’ve learned from the Lifetime Ladyparts Network: You must have long lashes and Victoria’s Secretion underdrawers, or no one will love you.

BabyJane Jennifer Love Hewitt was made for Lifetime movies. She’s the new Meredith Baxter-Birney.

dippitydoo I think Not-Heidi did her own makeup, in the dark, while riding the subway, drunk.

other_asian Mondo’s dress is something only a toddler should wear.

carlinemom @other_asian: A Swedish toddler who lives in a house called Villa Villekula, with her pet monkey and a horse and bags of gold.

BabyJane Austin, unroll those sleeves immediately. You are not an extra in The Outsiders.

WIncredulous Godammit. I hate Michael C. so much…flames, flames on the side of my face…heaving, breathless, heaving breaths!

otterbird Isaac Mizrahi, you’re a millionaire. You have disposable income. Buy some socks, for Christ’s sake!

02:21 pm: misterhippity