Here are a few of my favorite comments from last week’s commenter live blog of Top Chef on Gawker. (Join us for the next one tonight! The post goes up at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 10.)

  • doctorzizmor Watching All Stars is like being at my 10-year college reunion: the women, for the most, part look good, but the men look like they are auditioning to be floats in the Thanksgiving Day parade.
  • mimigoliath “Chocolate bacon lasagna” sounds like what came up after eating both at an earlier time.
  • Foxcraft Saying “the game has been upped” after winning for a chocolate moonpie threesome sugar bomb is pretty stupid.
  • Mymoustache What kid is gonna like a scotch egg? Were these people ever children? Scottish kids don’t even eat those…
  • bread_and_potatoes Perhaps they’re all like Athena, and sprang to life full-grown from their father’s heads.
  • doctorzizmor Oh shirtless Tre, even poorly lit, thou art yummy.
  • missing_piece Gazpacho? Let me share a quick equation; gazpacho + kids = no. Just no.
  • cletar Yeah, I don’t see kidspacho going over well.
  • doctorzizmor The integrity of the plums has been violated! Call the plum police!
  • DahlELama Man, divorce looks good on Katie Lee.
  • rodmanstreet Hang on, that lady was married to Billy Joel? Way to go, Piano Man! What were you thinking, Katie?
  • son of spam I’m sorry, I don’t want to live in a country where wet bacon isn’t appreciated.
  • katekate is squared Jen crashes and burns like nothing I’ve ever seen. Although I wasn’t present for theHindenberg.
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