Here are a few of my favorite comments from last week’s Top Chef Live Blog on Gawker. (Join us for the next one tonight — the post goes up at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 10!)

Oh-Honey-No This just in: Marcel is now Eminem.

son of spam The drinking scenes make me miss Jen.

Lizawithazee You don’t often hear “anger management class” without “court-ordered” in front of it. Just sayin’.

Formerly-Mymoustache Who can be that excited to go to Long Island?

PollyPureBred @Formerly-Mymoustache: someone who needs a bad manicure in a strip mall?

robina the first Is Angelo afraid of the sharks because it’s that time of the month?

paul7777 Jamie’s gonna jump in the ocean and wrestle a scallop on to the boat.

Fry_Bread_Power “Zygological warfare”: Where zygotes battle to the death.

son of spam If things go bad, Jamie’s going to sacrifice another finger.

Foxcraft @son of spam: I’m pretty sure she gets into the finals if she pulls a “127 Hours.”

rebeccarose Joe’s Crab Shack is where you eat when your distant relatives from Idaho come visit because it’s that “fancy” place they heard about and want to try.

son of spam @rebeccarose: When Red Lobster is too fancy.

Capt.Snarky Jamie cooked something? And presented it to judges? Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie!

DahlELama @Capt.Snarky: Charlie! (And my apologies for the cocktail ring indentation.)

The_Obvious I thought the Golden Globes were on next week. Thank you Gail!

Lizawithazee Porgy, you’s mah fish.

philtastic Marcel just bitter-jacked Hootie’s win! A pox on his hair gel! A pox, I say!

The_Obvious “Jamie, please pack your knives and go. And be careful, as we are no longer required to provide you with medical care.”

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