Pasted below are a few of my favorite comments from our last live blog of Top Chef on Gawker. (Join us for the next one tonight! The post goes up on at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 10.)

robina the first I’m on ibuprofen, allergy medicine and cough medicine right now, so I can’t be sure about this, but did Blais just say his parents went to nude fondue parties?

overnightly Nude fondue sounds like 2nd degree burns waiting to happen.

bread_and_potatoes Enough with the liquid nitrogen, Richard. Seriously. Please. Please don’t make me hate you.  

homoviper It’s second only to foam in annoyingness.

bread_and_potatoes There is no one, no one, save a lady living on a mountain somewhere, whose favorite food is beef tongue.

The_Obvious Carla will get a guaranteed win if she puts actual pot in her chicken pot pie.

HelloNurse I feel like Fabio is starting to sound like my impression of Fabio.

robina the first Jimmy is acting like a 10 year-old who’s getting to go to a fancy restaurant for the first time.

DahlELama Way to master the tongue, Antonia. I hope you’ve mastered it in a way that satisfies Padma to the fullest.

Brian Moylan Why am I not surprised that Mike’s sausage isn’t fat enough?

Formerly-Mymoustache Carla is like the bird from “Up”!

FeeBeee ”You’re the only shadow standing in your own sunshine. *sniffle*  

The_Obvious @FeeBeee Except at noon.

Naugahydeinplainsight Muppets! They’re a bitch to pluck, but once you get them cleaned they deep fry like nobody’s business.  Taste like chicken, though.

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