Pasted below are a few of my favorite comments from our last commenter live blog of Top Chef on Gawker.

Join us as we live-blog the season finale tonight! The post goes up at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 10!

Pop Socket It’s not just a pressure cooker, it’s a metaphor.

The_Obvious Richard’s hair can best be described as “American-plug-in-European-socket-electrocution chic.”

AuntCake Blais, just f’ing cook already! Stop with the Johnny Rocket Chemistry Kit.

cletar “Fuck making some kind of strudel.” *puts on goggles* “Where’s my goddamned nitrogen?”

dogbraincatscan Richard mentioning how many times he’s won is the new Tiffany mentioning Beaumont, Texas.

rebeccarose My mother could fry a shoe and it would taste like Heaven.

O-hio-Possum My mother could fry a chicken and it would taste like a shoe.

AuntCake What am I missing about Ashton Kutcher?

homoviper @AuntCake: Nothing. It’s all right there on the surface.

GeorgesDuRoy The twist: “Make me a steak dinner out of these metal shavings. Then kill one of your competitors and cook their thyroid.”

Capt.Snarky Apple, you do realize that you don’t have to make the iPhone seem douchier, right?

Pop Socket Blais furrowed brow: Drink!

BrownSugar***s Mike missed his honeymoon? His wife must be grateful.

DahlELama Awww, this is sad. Bye Antonia. You were my fave, for what it’s worth. Go smoke a bowl; you’ve earned it.

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