Here are a few of my favorite comments from last week’s Project Runway commenter live blog on Gawker. (Join us for the next one tonight! The show starts at 9 pm Eastern, and the live blog post goes up at 8.)

katekate is squared Do they keep talking about Muslins because it’s Ramadan?

ShanghaiLil “I can’t put crap out there and expect people to call it luxury”? Honey, do you know anything about fashion?

Robot_Karabekian Thank you Petland Discounts!

Doreen DelPurgatorio @Robot_Karabekian: I think Petland’s mascot may be a piece of fabric.

paul7777 Anya got those earrings from the pet shop—they’re muskrat traps.

Formerly-Mymoustache What about Glee could possibly be in 3D?

thisisjaypea @Formerly-Mymoustache: Rachel Berry’s nose.

Pickled I find it ironic Heidi wants to scrub the makeup off a model’s face.

ShanghaiLil "Authentity?"

Pickled @ShanghaiLil: We should make that a real word, meaning non-surgically-enhanced breasts. “Do you think her boobs are fake, or are they authentitties?”

Doreen DelPurgatorio “Josh, again you’re on the bottom.” Not the first time he’s heard that…

AubreySilver No, Heidi, Josh is certainly not “out.” Oh—you meant the show!

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