Pasted below are a few of my favorite comments from last week’s Project Runway open thread on Morning After. (Join us for the next one tonight! The show starts at 9 Eastern on Lifetime, and the post goes up at 8.)

AuntFanny I forgot he is The Mitchell Perry. The Mitchell is totally going home.

chattygal Yeah, the loser edit stench is pungent with him this week.

otterbird “Tim is your mentor and will not be judging today. Well, not to your faces, anyway.”

faille If I was trying out for the show and I wasn’t a pants designer, I sure as hell would learn how to make a pair of pants beforehand. It’s like people on Survivor that don’t know how to make fire!

WIncredulous Heidi seems to want to wear a gownless evening strap.

otterbird That “eh eh eh” noise that Tim just made at one of the designers? I make that same sound at my dog when she tries to eat the pizza box.

Snacktastic I like when Korina gets mocked in two languages.

chattygal I guess Korina has decided to occupy the opening in the “Emotionally Fragile Designer” position left vacant by Angela.

04:34 pm: misterhippity